• If you (or a loved one) need intensive physical rehabilitation after surgery, injury or illness
  • If you are limited by your insurance (or lack thereof)
  • If your recovery is prolonged due to the lack of comprehensive rehabilitation such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/ cognitive therapy or other services

If you are interested in a comprehensive, holistic, integrated, multi-disciplinary therapy, and can make a longer-term commitment to therapy (weeks to months), our affiliate facility may be able to help.   This program utilizes state-of-the-art robotics to assist clients in maximizing recovery, strength and wellness.

This CARF accredited facility specializes in patient and family centered care for clients with serious debilitating injuries or illnesses such as:

  • neurological problems  such as Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), Stroke (CVA), brain tumors or congenital conditions such as cerebral palsy.  (This is the majority of patients).
  • trauma including multiple fractures, (pelvic fractures, limb fractures affecting mobility, spinal fractures/ spinal injuries)
  • Generalized de-conditioning related to prolonged hospitalization or serious/ critical illness and recovery

Intensive rehabilitation therapy can take several months, and is determined by the client’s baseline condition, motivation/ effort during therapy and response to treatment.  This is a very different program that other medical travel programs.  Clients will reside at the destination for weeks to months while they work with our dedicated team of doctors and therapists.

The average length of treatment is around 200 days for clients with serious neurological disorders/ disabilities.

In this time period, clients are able to achieve 75% of their objectives / treatment goals.

Great treatment with high patient satisfaction

71% of former patients rated their treatment and care as “very good”, and 29% rated their satisfaction at “good”.

Despite the lengthy nature of this treatment, costs are surprisingly affordable in comparison to lesser or comparable treatment in the United States.  (These costs are for treatment only and do not cover housing, transportation, food or entertainment while at the destination).

Examples of treatment costs (please note these costs may fluctuate with local exchange rates*):

All prices listed here are in US Dollars

  • Initial Physiatry (Rehab consultation):  $60.00   – this initial evaluation helps determine the course of treatment for the client
  • Re-evaluation (monthly):  $ 30.00 – to evaluate progress and adjust therapies as needed
  • Full general medicine evaluation:  $140.00
  • Neuropsyschological evaluation:  $ 125.00

Therapy sessions are bundled into multiple sessions, ranging from 10 to 80 sessions

  • Cost of ten sessions:  $315.00
  • Cost of 40 sessions: $1,410.00 
  • Cost of 80 sessions: $3,000.00

This is not a residential or ‘in-patient’ rehabilitation center.  As part of our services, we will assist clients in obtaining housing, transportation and other needs during their period of residence (in the destination country) for treatment.  We have a wide variety of housing available for different needs and budgets.  Our staff will also assist clients who need to arrange for visas for longer term treatment regimens.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the rehab services offered with our network affiliates.  

* Please note that in an effort to provide the most accurate cost estimates to clients, we round upwards for all costs, and use a calculated exchange rate that is slightly lower than the current rate.  This is done to ensure that clients have a good idea of costs, even when treatment is planned/ booked months in advance.  Actual payments are made directly to the treatment providers/ facilities at the time of service based on the actual exchange rate (that day).  However, as exchange rates can not always be predicted, there is always a chance that the rate of exchange will be less than estimated prior to treatment, resulting in higher costs to clients.


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